Day One Dreams Podcast

Interview with Anique Sara Taylor, Poet and Author

Episode Summary

While in her 60s, Anique applied to a poetry writing program, got special permission to bring her 5-pound rescue dog to school, and set off to do one of the hardest and most rewarding things she had ever done. Years later she says her life would have always been missing something if she hadn't followed her desire to be a poet.

Episode Notes

Anique Sara Taylor is the 2022 Blue Light Poetry prize winner and author of Where Space Bends, a collection of poems published by Finishing Line Press.

"Always watch for the smallest spark. The sparks you get are yours."

When it comes to starting something, you show up. With practice, ambition turns to devotion.

Anique's advice to her students: Forget about talent. Here are the tools. (writing) (artwork)